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These do not teach you about Python per se, and you are recommended also to learn about that (Python has many excellent tutorials for programmers and non-programmers alike). In particular, dictionaries, lists and numpy arrays are used a great deal in most PsychoPy experiments.

You can learn to use the scripting interface to PsychoPy in several ways, and you should probably follow a combination of them:

  • Basic Concepts: some of the logic of PsychoPy scripting
  • PsychoPy Tutorials: walk you through the development of some semi-complete experiments
  • demos: in the demos menu of Coder view. Many and varied
  • use the Builder to compile a script and see how it works
  • check the Reference Manual (API) for further details
  • ultimately go into PsychoPy and start examining the source code. It’s just regular python!